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Disaster Risk Financing and Investment in Nepal

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Project Title: Disaster Risk Financing and Investment in Nepal

Collaborating Partner: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

Duration:  December 2020  to April 2021

Area Coverage: National

Key Project Staff: Mr. Dhanej Thapa, Team leader and Nabin Shrestha, Research Officer

The major objective of the Study is to:

  • To develop an understanding on disaster risk financing framework and different DRF instruments implemented under Nepal’s federal system.
  • To conduct a review and assessment of existing DRF tools (or lack there of) that support disaster risk financing in Nepal.
  • To explore in detail how disaster risk financing and investment systems and/or structures are currently referencing gender inclusion in budget lines, activities etc.
  • To understand the enablers and barriers(policies, institutions and practices) to inclusive climate and disaster risk financing in the context of Nepal,
  • To develop an integrated approach, framework and strategy on climate and disaster risk financing for Nepal.
Author: Colarp Organization