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Land and Natural Resource Context Mapping

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Project Title : Land and Natural Resource Context Mapping

Collaborating Partner: International land Collision (ILC)

Duration : 2020 to Ongoing

Area Coverage: Kailali District

Main feature of the Project:

This project aims to collect the house hold status of access and ownership of land and natural resources.This report mainly entails the data on population size and its distribution according to sex and gender; socio-economic characteristics both at household and individual level such as gender of the head of the household, occupation, income, credit accessibility, status of migration.

Besides, it shows the percentage of household in terms of land ownership, and the report captures the issue of land security and female’s right and accessibility over the land and other natural resources through the data obtained from the perception based survey.

It also encompasses data on the quality of housing, toilet, and source of drinking water, lighting and other basic amenities. Further, it includes the figures on agricultural and food security.


Author: Colarp Organization