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Invitation to Result Sharing Workshop at National Level
Invitation to Result Sharing Workshop at National Level on ‘Policies VS Practices: A stud...
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Land Dialogue “Access to Land for Secure Settlement”
Land Dialogue  "Access to Land for Secure Settlement" Present...
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Prof. Dr. Kailash Nath Pyakuryal
Prof. Dr. Bhim Prasad Subedi
Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti
Dr. Sagar Raj Sharma
Dr. Ganesh Gurung
Dr. Purna Nepali
Mr. Jagat Basnet
Mr. Siddhi Manandhar
Ms. Shristee Singh


Ganesh Gurung, Ph.D. (Sociology), Chairperson. Dr. Gurung, is a Sociologist by training and founder of NIDS with above 22 years of work experience. He was also a former member of National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal. He has been involved in migration issues since 1990 and has the credit of being author to a number of Books and Researches on varied issues related to migration.

Prof. Kailash N. Pyakuryal, Ph.D. (Sociology), Vice Chancellor, University of Agriculture and Forest Science: Prof. Pyakuryal is a founder Chair of COLARP and a rural sociologist with 45 years of work experience: 11 Years with the government in the Ministry of Agriculture (1965-1976) and 30 years with Tribhuvan University (1976-2006), and from 2006- 2010 with Kathmandu University. He has offered his consultancy services to various organizations such as the USAID, FAO, ILO, SDC, UNCDF, FINNIDA, GTZ, JICA, Action Aid, ANSAB, ICIMOD and OXFAM. His consultancy service abroad was in Lebanon.

Bishnu Raj Upreti, Ph.D. (Conflict Management), National Centre for Contemporary Research-NCCR: Dr. Upreti is actively engaged in conflict transformation and peace related research and teaching with 32 years of work experience. He is engaged in teaching and research at University of London and University of Surrey in the UK, and Kathmandu University, Nepal. He worked in different international organizations such as DFID, SNV, WWF, IUCN, DANIDA, Action Aid, CARE, WFP, FAO, UNDP, Asian Development Bank, and MS, in the capacity professional staff, resource person and consultant. He has also spent some years in government service selected from the Public Service Commission. He is a prolific writer and has several books to his credit.

Sagar Raj Sharma, Ph.D (Development Economics), Associate Dean, Human and Natural Resources Studies Centre (HNRSC), Kathmandu University: Dr. Sharma has worked extensively in the field related to Foreign Aid, Development, Private Sector and Land Reform in Nepal. He has the experience of working in the development sector both as an academician and a practitioner. He also has the experience of teaching in Fukuoka University, Japan and Kathmandu University, Nepal. In addition, he has worked as an Economic Advisor at the Nepalese Consulate office in Japan and as the National Development Consultant for the UN HABITAT.

Prof. Bhim Prasad Subedi, Ph.D (Continuity and Change in Population Movement in Nepal), Central Department of Geography (CDG), Tribhuvan University: Prof. Subedi has 32 years of teaching experience at Tribhuvan University. Besides Tribhuvan University, he has also taught at the Department of Geography, University of Hawaii, USA. He has worked as Research Scholar at University of Michigan USA, University of Bergen Norway and University of Oxford UK. His research interests and publications include population environment relations, migration, population ageing, child labour and ethnic diversification. He has offered consultancy services to various organizations such as the UNFPA/N, MOPE/UNFPA, ICIMOD, and IUCN.

Jagat Basnet (Land Activism), Executive Director, Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC): Mr. Basnet is a well known land right activist with 24 years of work experience. He is supporting tillers’ organizations that focus on the capacity building of tenants; and he is also educating the tillers about land related conflicts and training them to become leaders, campaigners, negotiators and facilitators. He was awarded the Maza koine Social Activist Award 2006, from India and Ashoka Fellowship 2007 for innovation and contribution in the land reform of Nepal.

Shristee Singh Shrestha (Natural Resource management and Gender), Programme Coordinator, COLARP: Shristee Singh Shrestha is a development worker with about 7 years of work experience. She holds a master degree in Human and Natural Resources Studies from Kathmandu University. She is currently Programme Coordinator and one of the Board of Directors at COLARP. Since the last five years, she has been engaged in research on land, women, livelihood and other related issues and has several publications to her credit.