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‘Land Resource Center’ for ‘Catalytic Support Project’ (Phase I)

Project title:  ‘Land Resource Center’ for ‘Catalytic Support Project’ (Phase I)

Supported By:  United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Nepal

Duration: July 2015 to December 2015

Summary of the project

 The Six months project named ‘Land Resource Center’ for ‘Catalytic Support Project’ (Phase I) completed successfully with in the time frame of the project. The major objective of the first phase project intervention by COLARP with financial support by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Nepal was to establish and improve a Land Resource Centre through generating, preserving and disseminating information related to conflict on land and land-based resources and to facilitate different actors for substantial dialogues on land right issues. The project activities were four-folded: Land resource center (e-library and physical library), information sharing forums and public debates; and contractual services and knowledge product.

The Objective of the project were:

  • Both physical and e-library has been set and it will have long impact on the researchers/ stakeholders working on land related issues.
  • Series of dialogues and debates on the emerging land issues in Nepal
  • The monthly forum of discussion in particular land issue/ problem

Now COLARP has set a strong base on which it aims to establish a prosperous Land Resource Center and provide good forum for discussion on land related issues.