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Evidence based Policy Debate on Land Use Changes in Nepal

Project title: Evidence based Policy Debate on Land Use Changes in Nepal
Name of client: Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South
Duration: January 2012- February 2013
Area Coverage: Nepal
Main features of the project/assignment: Understanding issues related to land use changes, policy analysis
Summary of the Project: The overall objective is to promote informed political debate on Land Use Changes in context of large scale land acquisition, by generating scientific evidence on land use pattern and land grabbing phenomenon, local perspectives on land grabbing, and resistance/responses of social movements in Nepal. Whereas, specific objectives are: To understand land use changes and pattern in context of large scale land acquisition-or land grab in Nepal; To examine land grabbing phenomenon especially mechanism and path ways of foreign and domestic land grabbing, underlying causes and their purpose etc in Nepal; To understand local perspective on land grabbing on possible resource conflict, threats to livelihood and food security, land disputes etc in the context to ongoing debates of land reform; and to facilitate informed policy debate on the implications of land use changes in Nepal.

To achieve the above mentioned objectives activities like desk study, field based research, policy dialogues, media related activities and others will be conducted involving concerned stakeholders, experts, researchers etc. After exploring and identifying evidences and promoting evidence based policy debates with these diverse stakeholders, it will fosters common understanding and social learning on ‘how land resource is being utilized and exploited, who is being/to be benefited from large scale land acquisition. On the one hand, it will facilitate informed policy reform in context of land grabbing and land use changes. Not only policy reform, it will also inform ongoing social movements with substance and evidence on grabbing and then these movements will further be shaped to respond to minimize any risks in future on the other hand. Hence, it would create a valid bases and evidence to debate of state restructuring in Nepal.