Land resource has a great role to play for social and economic transformation through proper research and policy interventions. The feudal and semi-feudal society can be transformed to a more vibrant equity based inclusive democratic and prosperous society if issues related to land are properly addressed. COLARP envisages its contribution in these areas.

  • Land Research and Policy Analysis: Nepal government promulgated land acts, laws and bi-laws, with the passage of time and situation, need further insights and refinements. COLARP aims at providing inputs in this regard for upcoming constitution through research and dialogues.
  • Food Security: The majority of the rural people depend on agricultural land for their food and livelihoods. COLARP envisages engaging itself in food security research.
  • Livelihoods: Land is the primary and sustained source of livelihood in the rural context. For the majority of Nepalese in rural areas, livelihoods are risky and uncertain at the best of times. Research on livelihood options and identification of factors which enhance poor people’s capabilities are some plausible agendas for consideration in the future which COLARP intend to contribute on it.
  • Social Inclusion: State restructuring and land reform are interrelated and it is more so in the light when Nepal goes Republic. Securing access and ownership of land and other economic assets for large sections of landless, tenants, women and marginalized peasants are indispensable for social justice, democracy and lasting peace. COLARP’s contribution through research and development activities would help a great extent in this regard.
  • Poverty Alleviation: How land ownership can be instrumental in reducing poverty and its linkages for increasing other livelihood options are some other areas of interest to COLARP’s research.
  • Natural Resource Management: Unscientific exploitation of natural resource means unsustainable development. Systematic research on the interaction between land, water, soil, plants, animals, and humans is another important area of research for COLARP.
  • Sustainable Development: COLARP would engage itself in future in accumulating knowledge on the factors of unsustainable development and their mitigation measures.
  • Environmental Security: The more resource degradation continues the country’s scope for improving living standards diminishes. Better resource management requires financial investments, changes in policies, institutional behaviour and individual practices. COLARP will help in providing feedback to policy makers by organizing various interaction programme and conducting research in these areas.