About Colarp


COLARP stands for Consortium for Land Research and Policy Dialogue. COLARP is a non-profit making research based service oriented organization registered with the government of Nepal under the Company Act 2063. Dauha It was established in 2007 with senior and young professionals who are regionally, nationally and internationally recognized and have a long research and developmental experiences. It is an alliance of universities (Kathmandu and Tribhuwan University), research/knowledge based institutions (Nepal Centre For Contemporary Research -NCCR, Nepal Institute of Development Studies - NIDS), and practice based organization (Community Self Reliance Centre - CSRC) to generate evidence for informed policy debate and decision making process on land based natural resources issues. This joint between academic and non-academic institutions would bridge the gap among researchers, policy makers and practitioners/activists to enhance social learning and common understanding for informed policy reform and practices/movements. It is located in Bhanimandal, Lalitpur. By virtue of its intensive works on research and policy, it is serving governmental and other stakeholders as credible and recognized Policy Think Tank on land issues at national level.


A society without poverty where every person enjoys dignified life by equitable access to and control over resources.


Develop COLARP as an organization capable of helping the poor and the landless to improve their life situation by engaging in research and policy analysis.


To bring research and policy actors and practitioners together to promote evidence-based policy debate that will help the poor, landless and near landless people gain access to and control over productive resources including land.


Enriched by its vision, the institution aims to –

  • To contribute to addressing land related issues by systematically engaging the consortium in research, development and consultancy services;
  • To promote informed policy debate on land issues;
  • To help the government in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies and their effective implementation and;
  • To develop COLARP as an independent 'think tank' on land and land based natural resources.


Invitation to Result Sharing Workshop at National Level
Invitation to Result Sharing Workshop at National Level on ‘Policies VS Practices: A stud...
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Land Dialogue “Access to Land for Secure Settlement”
Land Dialogue  "Access to Land for Secure Settlement" Present...
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News and Update

Land Dialogue “Access to Land for Secure Settlement”
Land Dialogue  "Access to Land for Secure Settlement" Presenter: Mr. Gopal Giri Under-Secretary from Ministry of Land Reform and Management (M...

Inter-regional Land Dialogue (Mid-western and Far-western regions)
Inter-regional land Dialogue (Mid Western and Far Western Region ) Venue : Nepalgunj or Thakurdwara (TBC) Date: 21st July, 2016 Sup...

Inter-regional Land Dialogue (Eastern, Western and Central Region)
Inter-regional Land Dialogue (Eastern, Western and Central Region) Date :4th July, 2016 Venue: Hotel  Royal Cent...

Awareness Raising Workshop on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the context of National Food Security (VGGT)
COLARP – in collaboration with Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Nepal Government through the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Ministry of Agricultural Develo...